I always viewed my younger brother, Jeremiah, as a child, even as he grew into adulthood. Now that he is no longer here, I’ve been reflecting on his life. I’ve been reflecting on his choices that led him to a life of homelessness and addictions. Everything I know about Jeremiah is only what was there on the surface.

I will never know the extent of his addictions and the demons he tried to silence. I don’t know how he survived on the streets for so many years. What did you do my baby brother? Who were you? My time of…

Trying to bury your emotions never works out so great.

I’ve never been the best at opening up and expressing verbally how I feel. I end up saying, “I don’t know” a lot…or I try to convince myself, “I’m fine” and I make it my mission to convince everyone else I’m fine too.

Then it happens.

First, it starts off with me not feeling the greatest. I mean my body literally aches, my head aches, and I get extremely tired.

I sleep, get up, go to work, busy myself with the chaos of my day to day. Then get home…

Life as we thought it would be,



Life as we know it,



Life as we want it to be,

worry free,

a mystery.

Life as an…





Dropping with unsteady relevance.

Every intention of my sincere attempt

— to bring you up

— leads to exasperation.

Sprint away, to find you answer.


Charity Joy

Reading, writing, laughing, record-playing, running, riding, hiking, cooking, dancing, growing, teaching, singing bad karaoke, helping, and other ing's.

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